Ben Mark 10 Car For Boys


Finding and thinking of  present ideas for boys can be very difficult but every parent will tell you that it’s a great feeling when you get it right and you have the pleasure of seeing the delight in your little boys face as they find out that their gift is that totally awesome toy that they’ve had their eyes on for some time.

The problem is with so many toys for boys out there, what do boys really want for their birthdays?

Don’t worry we’re here to make your job of finding the ideal birthday present just that little bit easier. We’ve done extensive research and are pleased to present to you the Top three present ideas for boys.

1)Toy story toys have always been popular but with the new movie having been released earlier last year expect many kids want toys based on characters from Toy story 3. The hottest toy to look out for based on the movie is the Jet Pack Buzz Light year action figure and we are not exaggerating in no small way here but we think around late November going on to December it’s was very hard to find this toy in stock from the biggest UK retailers. If your little boy enjoyed the movie then its very likely they will also enjoy receiving a toy based on the movie.

2) Second on our list of the top three present ideas for boys is the Bakugan Maxus Dragonoid tipped to be the coolest toy available at the moment. Just the name alone lets you know that this toy is something special. The Bakugan Maxus is basically seven miniature battle Bakugan robots which can all be attached together to make one bigger more powerful Bakugan robot known as Maxus Dragonoid. Confused? Don’t worry all you need to know is that this is extremely popular amongst boys and he’ll absolutely love this as a present at any occasion.

3) The Ben 10 Mark 10 car is a must have for every little boy who’s a fan of Ben 10. Parents who know their little boy watches Ben 10 will know of it’s popularity amongst little boys. Quite simply you have a remedy for success when you combine a toy car which has been made popular from a massive childrens tv show and give it the ability to transform into different vehicles besides it already being a car.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Toy Review: Mark 10
Really sweet car for 30 bucks

Ben 10 Deluxe Vehicle Ben’s Mark 10
publisher: Bandai
ASIN: B0030G9174
EAN: 0045557279462
sales rank: 8721
price: $25.99 (new), $19.99 (used)

Lights! Sounds! Firing projectiles! A translucent-green Ben 10 action figure comes with each Mark 10! Features four exciting vehicle modes.

This awesome Ben 10 Ultimate Deluxe Vehicle features lights, sounds, missiles, and four exciting vehicle modes: racer, hovercraft, submarine, and jet fighter. A translucent-green Ben 10 action figure comes with each Mark 10, too! Ages 4 and up. Vehicle measures 12-inches long.

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