Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Mark 10 Car

Ben’s Mark 10 Car is the ultimate battle vehicle. You can race into battle with alien invaders in the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ben’s Mark 10 Car.

Based on Ben’s DX Mark 10 car, this awesome Ben 10 vehicle has four different vehicle modes to transform into.
4.Jet Fighter

Each Mode has got battle weapons and comes with 5 missiles.

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All four vehicles can be fitted with the three detachable firing missile pods, to take on alien menaces no matter where they hide. Also coming with this great Mark 10 Car is an exclusive Ben 4 inch translucent green figure to get you started. All parts can be played alongside all the 10cm figures (sold separately).

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Mark 10 Car is a fantastic addition to your Ben 10 collection, and will encourage imaginative play. Not suitable for children under 3 as it has small parts.

In order to avoid disappointment you must get Ben’s Mark 10 Car now so click the image below. You will have it in a few days and postage can be free. It will be one less thing to worry about as Christmas gets nearer.

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  1. ben 10 igre says:

    I love those Ben 10 stuff and my kids are simply crazy about them!

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